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Lester Selman stands on a bridge, hundreds of feet above the raging river below. He is fifteen years-old. He won’t be the first kid from Hiddenfolk to jump – five have died in the last 18 months. But when Lester steps off that bridge, what happens next throws him into a world that unlocks the secrets to the bullies and trolls that make his life hell in the hallways, in the locker rooms, and on the Internet. Lester finds out what’s on the other side. And it gets stranger by the minute. Updated daily Mon-Wed-Fri


April 15th, 2019, 2:42 am


Thank you everybody, see you soon.

Just a quick note to thank everybody who's been following Hiddenfolk over the last months and years. You may not be as many as the more popular series get, but we're really grateful to each and every one of you who has taken an interest in the adventures of Lester and co.
With the end of book 9 Kris (story) and I , Robert (art) , will go on a hopefully short hiatus, where we'll decide how and if to carry on in this format and generally assess the future of the whole project.

We strongly believe in the quality of what we're doing and we want to get things right to create the best reading experience for everybody. The story has already been written from beginning to end, but turning it into a graphic novel is a lengthy process that requires a lot of time that sometimes clashes with our everyday life and jobs. We'd love to have the possibility to produce new pages at a more regular rate, but the numbers at the moment don't allow us to do so, therefore at the moment it has to remain a side project for us.

So it is a goodbye for the moment, and hopefully see you soon,

Thanks again



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August 25th, 2018, 10:00 pm


Hiddenfolk is back - coming soon.

Just to let anyone interested in how the Hiddenfok story evolves - the storyboard/rough pencils have been completed at last.
I was almost there at the end of June, but then a crazy July and partially August kept me so busy with work I had to put the whole production on hold.

But we're there. There will be one last revision with writer Kris, and then we're ready to go with the production and weekly instalments.

And in the meantime - the provisional linework for the new cover:
Book 9: #Party

I hope to see you soon




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May 28th, 2018, 8:21 am


Update and Hiddenfolk creation process.

Just a quick note to all our readers and whoever might be interested in knowing how the Hiddenfolk story evolves.

With the end of book 8 we got to the end of the pages completed so far, so although the whole story has already been written, the next batch is being currently produced.
This is quite a lengthy process, as both of us (Kris, the writer, and Robert the artist) have to accommodate Hiddenfolk within our everyday jobs.
But as we firmly believe in this project, we try to do it in the best possible way to provide an entertaining and quality read for you all.

So I thought it would be nice to share with you updated of the whole process that goes into creating the story. As said, Kris has already written the whole story in form of novel , but for the comics version he does a mark up with thoughts and notes that are not necessarily fully explained within the novel, and in the meantime possibly editing the dialogue as well.

With this mark-up I (Robert) start what is the most "draining" but also rewarding part of the creation process: the storyboard. Basically I take the marked-up novel, and I turn it into sequential storytelling, with more or less precise sketches of the panels, along with notes, alternatives, suggestion for extra dialogue notes etc.
Along with the storyboard sketches I also start thinking of the cover concept.

Once we have the storyboard of the whole book - due to our work commitments that might keep us from Hiddenfolk for some short periods, we prefer to have it all in place before moving forward - Kris and I meet and review together the whole storyboard, and see what needs to be improved.

Then once also the cover is decided on, I start on the pages, usually 2 at a time (although for the above work commitments I start out with a batch of 6-8 to have a good buffer in case of heavy workloads - plus the cover of course!) - first the pencils which get another last review along with the dialogue, and then inks (all traditional so far) and quick colours (digital).
It is a lengthy process, but hopefully it ensures quality especially from a tight storytelling point of view.

So I do apologize for this momentary hiatus, but I just wanted to tell you that the new pages are being produced right now, most of the storyboard for book 9 is done and hopefully we'll be back online fairly soon. And yep, things are going to get pretty intense at Emerald's party!

Looking forward to seeing you soon (and in the meantime here you go with a small taster from the storyboard, if you're interested just give me a shout and I'll try to share more)



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